Educator Workshop

For Educators Only

Start Time Agenda Item
9:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
9:40 AM Event Kickoff
9:45 AM Student & Mentor Ice Breaker
9:55 AM Welcome Message from Sheri Thomas, AVP & CIO of  Xavier University
10:00 AM Fireside Chat with Cyber Security Leaders: Embracing Risk in Your Career & Life
Elisha Herrmann (Moderator), Erica Day, and Jocelyn Whitfield
10:50 AM Game Design and Algebra Utilizing game design concepts to visualize Algebra I concepts. The Game Design curriculum includes inequalities, solving for unknowns, and many other topics that are covered in Algebra.
11:30 AM College Student Panel with Educators
12:00 PM Lunch
12:15 PM Cross-Curricular Content Sharing with GitHub
Demonstrate resources and content sharing through cross curricular activities using GitHub. Social Studies activities can include file sharing and other GitHub features. Teachers must have a GitHub account.
1:15 PM Educators Return to Main Banquet Room
1:25 PM Final Presentation and Awards
1:30 PM Dismissal