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Mailing List FAQ

  1. Who has access to my email address?

    Only the organizers of the conference - a small set of representatives from our sponsors (approximately 10 women) - have access to your email address. Your information will not be shared with others within these companies or given to any third party institutions. We respect your choice to share your information with us and do our very best to protect that trust.

  2. How many emails will you send me?

    We try to limit the emails we send to less than 5 per year. These emails include reminders about the WiIT conference, a feedback survey, and information about other events that are related to WiIT.

  3. Can I post messages through the mailing list?

    You can only receive announcements through the mailing list. You can’t post or send anything to other subscribers.

  4. What I have a question that’s not listed here?

    Send us an email at!